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Sacile Estate Musicale


          Sacile, well known as the garden of the Serenissima Republic, lies between the splendid forest of Cansiglio and the pleasant Venetian Lagoon. Thanks to the multiple activities of the Cultural Serenissima Ensemble and other local entities, Sacile is also well known as the “City of Music”.

          For 20 years the Association has organized a summer event of international importance. The  Summer Music courses,  founded in 1997, are in fact followed every year by students from all over the world.

           This is above all credit for the quality and professionalism of teachers selected among the best in the international music scene (Alessandro Commellato, Stefano Viola, F.Maggio Ormezovsky, Giuseppe Gaccetta, Cecila Fusco, Pier Paolo Sovran, Luca Simoncini, Stefania Redaelli, Gergely Jardànyi, Davide Zaltron, Marco Rogliano, Nicola Guidetti, Glauco Bertagnin, Mario Zanette, Francesca Scaini, Luca Fanfoni, Saverio Tasca, Giannino Fassetta, Luca Braga, Emmanuele Baldini, Evaristo Casonato, Sergio Lazzeri, Antonio Nimis, Bettina Schmitt) and for attention in developing the young musicians by offering them many opportunities to undergo the  public test with essays, concerts and collaborations within the rich annual programming carried out by the Serenissima Ensemble Association, such as guests in music festivals or special concerts.

          Designed as an opportunity for individual musical refinement and also chamber orchestra, the International Academy is for all those who want to check and improve their musical skills and at the same time socialize and interact with the experience of other musicians. The Musical Summer is also the logical continuation of the Annual Courses for Advanced students kept by the Academy of Music in Sacile.