ensemble serenissima  


The Access to courses is open to all citizens of the European Union and non-Europeans. Participants are divided into two categories: Active Participants and Auditors. Each teacher, according to the teaching method, decides on the number of active participant students in each course: those who will not be admitted as active can attend as  auditors.
The registration fee for all courses is € 100.00 (with the exception of the violin seminar - M° Baldini - and violin workshop - M° Schmitt as specified in the next point).
The enrollment fee must be paid in one single sum independent on the number of courses attended. The enrollment fee is not  refunded in the event of cancellation by the participant. The sum will be refund only if the organization is forced to cancel the course for reasons beyond the control of the applicant.The application shall be drawn on appropriate form, enclosing the curriculum and copy of payment of the registration fee and submitted to FVG INTERNATIONAL MUSIC MEETING - SACILE ESTATE MUSICALE - Ass. Ensemble Serenissima - V.le Zancanaro, 10 33077 SACILE (PN) - Italy, before 02.07.2016.
Payment of the registration fee must be made exclusively by bank transfer.
Bank details:
Account No. IT52T0835664990000000010900
BCC Pordenonese filiale di Sacile
Account name: Associazione Ensemble Serenissima.
For the masterclasses:
     - violin seminary (M° Emmanuele Baldini) participants fee is € 50,00 (no registration fee)
     - violin workshop (M° Schmitt) active participants fee is € 150,00 and registration fee in € 50,00
     - accordion active participants fee is € 200,00 and auditors fee € 40,00
     - double bass active participants fee is € 220,00 and auditors fee is € 40,00
     - cello  active participants fee  is € 230,00 and auditors fee is € 40,00
     - voice, piano, flute, oboe, bassoon, violin, viola, guitar active participants fee is € 250,00 and auditors fee is € 40,00
     - the chamber music course fee is € 320,00 per instrumental group.
The registration involves the use of the study rooms as well as the obligation to provide for participation in all artistic and musical activities in the program and the orchestral practice. No further compensation is due for any public activity. Upon request it is possible to require, at very affordable costs, the advantage of the canteen service (5.00 €). Prearranged accommodation in apartments or rooms (limited number) on favorable terms can be required and shall be assigned in order of registration (only participant).  Once all pre-arranged locations have run out students shall provide for their own accommodation in covenant  structures.
All participants are asked to pay the course fee at the registration before the beginning of the course. The students who attend more than one class  have 30% discount on further courses.
All participants are required to report  at the headquarters of the courses in the morning of the first day of class at 10:00 am, at the palace Ragazzoni, Avenue Zancanaro, to pay the tuition fee, have the first contact with the teachers, and estimate the time of lesson.
Students are required to follow all orchestra rehearsals.
At the end of the masterclasses each participant will receive a certificate. The most successfull participants will perform in the Concerts Festivals organized by Associazione Ensemble Serenissima during the year (Pomeriggi Musicali, Concerti a Palazzo, Concerti Straordinari...)
Students enrolled in the Conservatory with one of the teachers holding  a masterclass of Sacile Musical Summer cannot attend the master class itself.
Payment and Attendance implies the knowledge and acceptance of the present  rules.