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The realization of the courses and seminars will be subordinate to the development of the health crisis as well as to the relative and successive governmental dispositions. The Association will promptly communicate any changes in the scheduling of the courses or will require additions to the registration based on the development of the crisis.
The masterclasses are addressed to instrumentalists and ensembles of all nations, without age limits. Students from conservatories of intermediate and advanced level, chamber ensembles already formed, graduates or undergraduates aiming to deepen their knowledge and possibly prepare to continue their post-diploma studies are invited. 
General rules valid for all courses and special rules for chamber music courses are established. The timetable and the duration of the lessons will be established by each teacher according to the needs of each class. Interested parties are required to clearly indicate on the application form their expected arrival and departure dates. Some teachers will be supported by assistants and collaborators.
It is the exclusive competence of the teachers to subdivide the lesson hours. Where necessary, the teachers themselves will provide for a selection, setting according to their teaching method the number of active students participating in each course.
Classes will be held regularly within the dates indicated for each course. At the request of students and with the consent of the faculty, classes may be concentrated in shorter periods.
Masterclass and workshop
Participation fee
Enrollment fee
€ 250,00
€ 100,00
Piano and Fortepiano (M° Commellato)
€ 250,00
€ 100,00
Piano (M^ Redaelli)
€ 250,00
€ 100,00
Violin (M° Braga)
€ 250,00
€ 100,00
Violin (M^ Cabeza)
€ 250,00
€ 100,00
Viola (M° Zaltron)
€ 250,00
€ 100,00
Cello (M° Simoncini)
€ 250,00
€ 100,00
Cello (M^ Hofmann)
€ 250,00
€ 100,00
Cello (M° Ronchini)
€ 250,00
€ 100,00
Double Bass (M°Jàrdàny)
€ 250,00
€ 100,00
€ 250,00
€ 100,00
Accordion (M° Fassetta)
€ 220,00
€ 100,00
Guitar (M° Viola)
€ 220,00
€ 100,00
String quartet (M° Simoncini)
€ 400,00 for each quartet
  € 100,00 for each quartet
Chamber Music
€ 320,00 for each ensemble
€ 100,00 for each ensemble
Master Junior
€ 250,00
€ 100,00
Enrollment Deadline
July 5th, 2022
TIf students enroll in more than one course, the registration fee must be paid only once. In case of waiver will not be refunded. The refund is provided only if the organization will be forced to cancel the course for reasons beyond the control of the enrolled. 
Enrollment also includes the use of study rooms.
The enrollment procedure involves the completion of the online registration form at this link. The registration form must necessarily be accompanied by the following documents: 
The registration procedure involves the completion of the enrollment application form online at this link. Candidates must necessarily enclose the following documents:
- Proof of payment of the enrolllment fee, to be carried out on the account:
IT52T0835664990000000010900 - BCC Pordenonese office of Sacile
opened on the name of: Associazione Ensemble Serenissima Viale Zancanaro, 10 33077 Sacile (PN) – Italy
IMPORTANT: specify the name of the student and the reason for payment
- Signature for acceptance (form downloadable here)
- Curriculum (OPTIONAL)
Citizens of Non-EU countries must present to the organizational secretariat the necessary documentation of entitlement to enter the Territory of the Republic of Italy under the terms of the laws.
The Registration must be completed by July 5th, 2022.
The payment of the attendance fee can be made on the first day of class, by cash, check or bank transfer at the secretariat. In case of withdrawal the fee is not refundable.
It is allowed to enroll in more courses at the same time, in which case the fee for the second and subsequent courses will be reduced by 30%.
Participation in the String Quartet course with Maestro Luca Simoncini is allowed for already formed ensembles.
Participation in the chamber music courses is allowed both to already formed ensembles and to chamber groups newly formed within the masterclasses among the actual students of the various instrument classes. In the latter case there is obviously no further fee to be paid. Groups can choose the teacher with whom to carry out the course. in the String Quartet course with Maestro Luca Simoncini is allowed for already formed ensembles.
Students are required to participate in all scheduled artistic-musical activities and orchestra rehearsals, the schedule for which will be given upon arrival. Several workshops, seminars and meetings are also scheduled. The program of all activities is available at the administrative office.
During the period of the courses will be organized matinees and concerts for participants. All trainees must be provided with concert dress. No remuneration is due for any public activity nor for the publication of online videos nor for the realization of audio CDs or DVDs or any other promotional activity of the Association.
All active students who have attended lessons regularly will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance.
Active students who - according to the evaluation of the respective instructor and of the Artistic Director - excel particularly during the courses will have the opportunity of being included in their respective programs, as well as being inserted in the concert seasons of the Ensemble Serenissima.
The organization will try to provide, subject to availability and in order of enrollment, accommodation for students (only students) in family or apartments made available by private individuals (in the city and surrounding areas), from € 15.00 per person. Reservations must be made as soon as possible by card, indicating the exact dates of arrival and departure and all other information requested in the application form. The secretariat of the courses will contact those interested for more information about the accommodation.
Once the locations have been used up, each enrolled participant will provide for his own accommodation by consulting the affiliated structures. 
We will not consider requests from those who have not submitted the application form correctly completed and paid the registration fee.
For the youngest enrolled in the Master Junior, each family will provide its own accommodation by consulting the accommodation facilities. The organization will apply a discount on the accommodation fee of the enrolled student.
SThe organization provides convenient meal vouchers available from Monday to Friday, only for lunch, at the Municipal Canteen (about € 5 per meal). Reservations must be made by marking the appropriate item on the registration form. Reserved vouchers cannot be refunded.
At the time of arrival in Sacile, all the health regulations to be respected will be explained in order to guarantee the performance of the activities in absolute safety.
Students enrolled in the Conservatory with the teacher of a Sacile Estate Musicale masterclass cannot attend the masterclass with the same teacher, but they can enroll in other teachers' courses.
The organization assumes no responsibility for risks or damages of any kind that should happen to the participants of all courses.
Payment and attendance to the courses imply the knowledge and acceptance of these regulations.
Summer Masterclasses are an integration of FVG International Music Meeting. It organizes concerts enriched by collateral events: all planned in the town of Sacile and the surrounding areas. Concerts are performed by Masterclasses’ teachers, guest orchestras and soloists, and by the students themselves.
N.B. In case of differences in the interpretation of the translation, the Italian text shall prevail.