XXV FVG International Music Meeting 2021

International Composition Prize

Trasformazioni - 700° Dante

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How to participate

“To Re-create: edges, borders, shapes” was the original title for the XXIV FVG International Music Meeting 2020 edition that should’ve started on March 27th with the 14^ International Concerts “I Concerti a Palazzo” for young talents.
Unfortunately, as we all know, increasing of containment measures and the fight against the spreading of Covid-19 virus, plus the precariousness of the actual situation, make it  hard to see how to organize our next season yet…
For all this we’ll promote a new festival image, with a project that’ll involve young artists, to give them a visibility place, and professional musicians making it possible for the audience to have some moment of peace in a very hard time…
So we would like to ask, to anyone interested, to send a recording from your home (or from one of your old exhibitions) that we’ll post on our YouTube channel, our social and our site under the #MusicaSenzaConfini logo, waiting, we really hope for that, to soon reopen our halls doors meeting each us personally when music season will start again.
We are fully aware of how much hard can be this kind of proposal, specially for instruments that need a musical accompaniment or for the ensemble.  We let you all anyway the freedom to choose from all your repertoire, both for concert or for study, what to play as soloist, as much as the piece length: one piece or a part of.
We don’t put a boundary for the video length. But maybe is better to send just one video for every piece. You can send more videos if you want to offer more pieces.
We also don’t have a deadline to send your videos. As soon as you’re ready send it to us. The project has started and we’re ready to welcome what you’ll send and to immediately share it on our social.
You can send your videos by mail to  Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. address (for example using wetransfer.com service) stating your name, title and author of what you’re playing.
It seems to us this is the way to not shut down culture, to offer a fresh breath air, a way to entertain us, some moment of peace, and we need you to make it all possible.
Thank you so much!

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