XXV FVG International Music Meeting 2021

International Composition Prize

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Where and how to follow us

 “To Re-create:  edges, borders, shapes” was the original title for the XXIV FVG International Music Meeting 2020 edition that should’ve started on March 27th with the 14^ international exhibition “I Concerti a Palazzo” for young talents.
Unfortunately, as we all know, increasing of containment measures and the fight against the spreading of Covid-19 virus, plus the precariousness of the actual situation, make it  hard to see how to organize our next season yet…
For all this we’ll promote a new festival image, with a project under the #MusicaSenzaConfini logo that’ll involve young artists, to give them a visibility place, and professional musicians making it possible for the audience to have some moment of peace in a very hard time…
So here’s how and where you can find us:
- Youtube: Ensemble Serenissima channel - We’ll post it here all videos
- Facebook: Associazione Ensemble Serenissima @ensembleserenissima - We’ll share it here the videos posted on our Youtube channel
- Twitter: Ensemble Serenissima @EnSerenissima - We’ll share it here the videos posted on our Youtube channel
We’ll let you know about all posted videos by:
- App iMeeting: a free app, with no commercial, without registration and/or login required, from where you can get the posting of a new video notice. (to download the app follow this link)
- Instagram: ensemble.serenissima - We’ll give notice about all videos posted on our YouTube channel
It seems to us this is the way to not shut down culture, to offer a fresh breath air, a way to entertain us, and to be at your side!
Thank you so much!

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