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Sacile Estate Musicale


What is it?
As part of the FVG International Music Meeting, the Ensemble Serenissima APS has been organising the Sacile Estate Musicale residency every summer since 1996, masterclasses for young musicians from all over the world, availing itself of the collaboration of internationally renowned teachers and concert artists. This is a concrete attention towards the new generations, not a façade operation, but an authentic cultural project that over the years has made it a point of reference for the preparation of tomorrow's masters.
What does it offer?
The teaching programme offers specialised tuition by distinguished teachers from a variety of backgrounds, with the aim of acquiring effective professional competence, through teaching activities that provide an important opportunity for musical improvement and the exchange of experiences between the various international music schools. The course does not stop at the training phase. In fact, the launching of a career is one of the fundamental points of the summer residency, which, thanks to the "Talents" programme, which accompanies the masterclass days on a daily basis in matinees, aperitif concerts and evening concerts, offers its students countless opportunities and spaces to perform and put into practice the musical preparation acquired during the courses. The opportunity, therefore, to really make music, to engage with the public, as well as with other musicians, with all the emotion that this entails, in the context of a real music festival. It is precisely for this ability to combine didactic activity with training and concert experience that Sacile Estate Musicale stands out in the panorama of Italian training offerings.
From 15th July to 9th August
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