iMeeting is born! The new app for smartphone and tablet where you’ll find all the XXIV FVG International Music Meeting, to always be up-to-date about schedules and news in a click.


Why an app

Smartphone, Tablet and many other devices truly changed our life style, giving us a fast and mobile way access at informations. The non-stop  spreading of these devices, able to work and get info by applications “App”, today act for a true chance to be always and easily up-to-date about event news of our interest. It means like having a direct line with the audience, without intermediary and always ready with a tap. iMeeting is a way to provide a better internet browsing and all meeting display experience


iMeeting features

iMeeting is a free App, with no commercial, without  registration and/or login required and it work offline too. It is highly free, since it let you choose, through the installation, if you want to receive notice at every up-to-date or no.


How to install it

You can install the iMeeting App:

1. By the QR-code


Take a shot at the QR-code with your smartphone or tablet and you’ll be re-directed to the App Home. To install it on your device click “Add to your home screen”

2. By the link

Type on your smartphone or tablet browser the link https://imeeting.miapp.cloud/ and you’ll be re-directed to the App Home. To install it on your device click “Add to your home screen”